Although the rental rates at the Brookstone may appear higher than other office buildings, in most cases the true cost to The Brookstone tenant is far less. This is particularly true for tenants whose time is quite valuable.

As a Brookstone tenant you can be at your desk in three minutes after leaving the I-10 Papago Freeway. Studies show the time it takes to get from the freeway to an office in the downtown or uptown areas exceeds eighteen minutes. A tenant such as an attorney billing $200 per hour would bill $25,000 more every year by using this billable time working instead of still fighting traffic through congested areas, circling in and out of parking garages, walking from parking garages to office buildings, and waiting for and riding elevators. The dollar value of time saved by choosing The Brookstone Office Complex is more than twice the total
amount of rent paid by a tenant at another premium building
in a comparable premium location. This also makes
The Brookstone Office Complex more convenient for
customers, clients, employees, and other visitors.

For the rates applicable to spaces currently available
please contact us.

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